The LawFlare Advantage

With LawFlare, you will truly have the edge when managing your trials, and your case history in general. We not only make life easier by helping you select your jurors in a controlled, reliable manner, but provide a vital edge that will become an industry standard. Check out these core benefits:

Know Your Jurors: Selecting jurors is a stressful and chaotic process. You do your best to scramble and find details via your own searches, or perhaps you are one of the lucky few that have an intern doing the heavy lifting for you. Regardless, those methods take far too much time, and offer very little solace in knowing the exact type of individuals you may be selecting for your jurors. LawFlare eliminates this problem by doing the work for you: Not only is our software able to retrieve this information faster (we’re talking about a minute for EVERYTHING) but it also finds more data than typical searches, and from more sophisticated resources.

Know Your Clients: Yep, it works for clients too! Taking on a client can be a daunting situation. Are they able to pay? Are they reliable? Is there case accurate and actionable? These details will be at your fingertips in minutes.

Organization is Key: We take all of this information and place it in a format that is instantly recognizable, because we speak your language. Want to dig deeper? Select any category while researching an individual and you’ll find even more granular details, keyword searches, social media profiles, and more. All at your fingertips and accessible from any device.

Attorney Approved! Noit only that, but they helped us build it. We worked wit ha panel of nearly 2 dozen attorneys just like you while meticulously crafting LawFlare. Furthermore, our founder is an attorney himself, actively practicing in Sarasota, Florida. So in short, we know exactly what matters to you most, and the extensive research to back it up.

Document Your Career: Every aspect of your case is stored and accessible at anytime for review. Track your progress, watch your win-count grow, and maintain an ongoing record of your entire case history.

Analyze Your Results: Our advanced tools for analytics track your case results, but they also do so much more. As you accrue more cases, LawFlare will provide you with crucial insight on wins vs. losses. This includes showcasing what type of juror is more likely to sway to your favor in specific case types based on a deep comparison of behaviors, demographics, and other factors that may dictate their decisions. The same goes for clients and the case types themselves: Which ones net you more wins? Do you have a knack in settling DUI cases? Need improvement in other areas? LawFlare illuminates it all.

It’s Everywhere you Need It: Access LawFlare from any device, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile, Android or iOS devices… LawFlare is everywhere you need it to be, and accesible via a single account. No apps to download, just quick, reliable access.