How It Works & Tech

To capture the technology used in LawFlare would require quite a bit more space than we have here. However, the beauty of LawFlare is that it does it’s work fast, and in the background, meaning you can focus on what is important. Here’s a brief rundown of how it works:

-You enter a bit of information to point LawFlare in the right direction. This is as simple as a name and location.

-LawFlare provides you with a few options to make sure we’re looking for the correct individual. Don’t worry, our algorithm will place the most likely candidate at the top of the list. Once you see the correct person, you simply select them.

-This is when LawFlare really goes to work. Via our proprietary deep-search algorithm, it scours the internet and “grabs” data that is crucial when selecting your juror or researching a potential client.

-All data is placed in a convenient, highly organized layout that makes it easy to scan valuable details. You can also dig deeper into any topic to analyze social media behaviors, Twitter tweets, contact information, job titles, education, and much more!

We strive to make a daunting, complicated task as simple as possible, and have put in countless hours in developing the technology to do the job. It turns out that we’ve nailed it, and we’re extremely proud to put this advantage into your hands.