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Robust case management and analytic tools combine with the ability to get crucial, accurate details on potential jurors and clients in seconds.

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85 % Associations

10 % Bias Tendencies

90 % Job History

92 % Education

95 % Social Media

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  • Maria Smith
  • 29
  • PR Manager

Know Exactly Who You’re Working With

LawFlare’s most powerful feature is an advanced algorithm providing fast, relevant details for individuals involved in your cases. Here’s how it works:

Enter basic details of your client or potential juror.
LawFlare’s deep-search algorithm finds crucial details on the individual and places them in a sleek layout that showcases job history, behavior, affiliations, and more.
Strategize and narrow down jurors for quick selection, research clients, and document your cases on our cloud-based platform. LawFlare keeps record of it all and provides critical analytics on your entire legal history.

Know Exactly Who You’re Working With

LawFlare’s most powerful feature is an advanced algorithm providing fast, relevant details for individuals involved in your cases. Here’s how it works:

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Other Core Features

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  • Know Your Clients

    Research clients and create a profile of trust via social media posts, connections, education, professional history, and more. Over time, LawFlare will provide analytics so you’ll know who you work with best.

  • Select The Perfect Jury

    Quickly gain access to information on potential jurors and narrow down your choices in minutes. Simply enter a few details, and our powerful deep search algorithm will handle the rest.

  • Case Management & Analytics

    Manage and analyze your entire case history. View detailed charts on win/loss history, juror profiles, client details, and other analytics that highlight crucial insights on every case.

  • Key Word Search

    Scour Twitter feeds to discover potential law affiliation, bias tendencies, political affiliations, interests, and other online behavior with our incredibly powerful key word search feature.

  • Shortlist Potential Jurors

    LawFlare is about empowering you with the ability to win more cases by selecting the best jurors. Use our shortlist feature narrow your choices in selecting the perfect candidates for your case.

  • Premium Tech Support

    We have a full team of developers and support agents ready to help you with any issue you may have along the way. No matter your time zone or needs, we’ll be there to help.

  • Accurate & Relevant Results

    We provide the most in depth information-seeking tools available, and have catered them to provide specific, critical information based on countless surveys of lawyers just like you.

  • Get Crucial Info Fast

    We know that time is of the essence, especially when selecting a jury. With LawFlare, results start pouring in within seconds, meaning you’ll be narrowing your selections in no time.

  • Works on Any Device

    Tablets, laptops, mobile — whichever device you have handy, LawFlare is there to assist. All of your work (or your team’s work) carries over from one device to the other via our cloud-based platform.

What Attorneys Are Saying About LawFlare

They should know, they helped us build it

  • "Using LawFlare has saved me countless hours of time. To individually find all of the data that LawFlare provides within minutes... it would take ages, far too long to be realistic. LawFlare delivers results fast, so that I can focus on what's important: finding the best jurors for my case."

    Craig Beverly, Esq.
  • "I've had over 200 Jury Trials during my 30 year career as a Criminal Defense Attorney. Jury Selection was both the most important and the most difficult and unwieldy aspect of a case. LawFlare was built to make this task more meaningful and manageable. Not only does their software reveal more information about prospective jurors than you could imagine, it will neatly and clearly display this information for easy use."

    Stephen V. Watson, Esq. (Former Chief Assistant Public Defender)
  • “Even though I rarely go to trial, LawFlare is looking to be a necessity due to it's ability to help me research potential clients and in documenting my cases. When considering a new client, I always use LawFlare to gain insights to ensure we're a good fit, and the results are, frankly, magical. I also love the fact that I can review my entire case history in an effort to maintain my success rate. ”

    Dana Moss, Esq.

About Our Team & Tech

LawFlare’s two primary headquarters are located in Sarasota, Florida and Cincinnati, Ohio. We are a diverse team of developers, designers, and a panel of attorneys who ensure that we include the best features to make LawFlare as powerful as can be. Feel free to browse the slideshow to find out more about our team and the tech we’ve been building for the past year to make LawFlare the best software around.

  • Research + Development

    Cofounder Josh Sears consults with a lead developer about the LawFlare interface during the intense 2016 development period.

  • The Original Vision

    A small portion of the original design document for the LawFlare software.

  • Final Testing Phase

    Development enters crunch time in early 2017. After a year in development, LawFlare has become a reality, and we couldn't be prouder of the results.

  • Attorney Approved

    Not only has LawFlare become an incredibly powerful tool, but we've also included countless suggestions from attorneys just like you.

  • Anywhere You Need It To Be

    No matter where you are, LawFlare is there to help from any device. And it's nearly ready: LawFlare will launch officially in June 2017.

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